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One Second Counts  Bear Spray Cradle & Mounting System 

“Bear Safety is Habit” 

This hard shell cradle  (holster) for bear spray has "One Second"  deployment using compression fit technology. 

 Creating ease of access to your bear spray and  secured in place until the “second” you need it. 

With 16 different positions your OSC Bear Spray Cradle can be mounted for comfort and safety.

My One Second Counts holster is the most effective carrier I've used in the back-country. Its easy access design provides fast removal of bear spray giving me ample time to react if needed. I've been hiking in the Canadian Rockies for more than a decade and understand the importance of protection while in the back-country. As an avid participant of mountain activities, I never leave the house without the One Second Counts carrier. The device attaches comfortably to the hip belt of my backpack. It's also lightweight and easy to assemble. The reassurance of easy access to my bear spray and one second deployment design provides peace of mind knowing I can react quickly. Highly recommended.”

— Christine McNamara